Your Car Tells the World How You Feel About Animals


The Massachusetts "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate tells your community that you care about animals! By purchasing this license plate, you will be contributing to a statewide program that directly benefits Massachusetts animals. 

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Order Your Plate
The initial cost of this "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate is $40; $28 of which will be used to help fund this statewide spay/neuter program (and is tax-deductible). The remaining $12 is a one-time only cost to cover the manufacturing of the plate. Upon renewal, the entire $40 will go to this spay/neuter program. (The standard registration fee is due every two years upon renewal in addition to the "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate fee.) Give the plate as a gift! Offer to pay for someone else to get the plate -- here's a certificate you can use. Or email us at and we can send you one.
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License Plate Grants
Funds received from the sale of these special license plates are dispersed annually (application is usually available here sometime in February/March and due in May) by MAC through a grant process. These funds are awarded to non-profit humane organizations and municipal animal control agencies in the Commonwealth that provide spaying and neutering services for cats, dogs and rabbits. The program benefits your community, the Commonwealth and, of course, the animals. Learn more>>

Promote the Plates
Help us sell the plates!  The more plates that are sold, the more funds that are available for cats and dogs!  We have posters, flyers, t-shirts and other examples of how you can support the license plate program. Find out how to volunteer.  Learn more>>

"I'm Animal Friendly" Report (2005-2008)
This report contains information about the creation and history of this program and how it is run. Read the report (.pdf)>>

Read about the grantees
Learn which organizations and municipal animal control agencies received a grant from the "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate program.   Learn more>> 

The mission of MAC is to take a leadership role in strategic collaboration within the Massachusetts animal welfare community and to maximize and measure the success of humane initiatives statewide.
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